Product Info

Name request issued by BC registries with valid NR number.


Name must be unique, should not be similar to other businesses.
Name must have the following components:

  1. A unique or distinctive word such as made-up word or a person’s name.
  2. Second part of the name describes the service your business is offering.

Examples of acceptable name are: ABCXYZ Home Renovation, Sarah’s Mexican Restaurant

What you Get

Name Approval Type Sample
BC company
Name Request
BC society or non-profit
Name Request
BC sole proprietorship
Name Request
BC general partnership
Name Request
BC limited partnership
Name Request
BC trade name/operating name/DBA
Name Request
BC co-op
Name Request
BC benefit company
Name Request
BC professional company
Name Request
BC real estate corporation
Name Request
Name change for an existing BC company
Name Request


A name approval can be processed in any of the following 3 service queues:

  • Regular Queue: Processed in 4 Weeks.
  • Express Queue: Processed in 2 Weeks.
  • Super-Express Queue: Processed in 1 Business Day.


How long is the name approval/request number valid?

It is valid for 58 days.

My names was approved for a Sole proprietorship. Can I use it for incorporation?

No, you will need a new name approval and a new NR number. Each name request number is unique. It can only be used once and for the type of registered it is issued.