Product Info

Community Contribution Company is a BC corporation registered with BC Registries under the Business Corporations Act. A C3  allocates majority of its profits for a purpose beneficial to society like health, social, environmental, cultural, educational or other services.

Other names:

  • CCC
  • C3


Who can incorporate:

  • Three or more individuals who are 18 years or up can incorporate a BC Community Contribution Company.
  • Currently there is no citizenship or residency requirement for people who can be the directors, officers, and shareholders.

What is required to incorporate a BC Company:

  • A name approval number from BC for the company (if it is to be a named corporation).
  • One or more primary purposes of the  company must be community purposes and these community purposes must be set out in the articles.
  • A physical address or street address in the Province of British Columbia.
  • Must have at least three directors.
  • For incorporation, a minimum of one Incorporator and one contact person is also required. The same person can fill in all roles.
  • For operational purposes and to fully comply, a minimum of one officer and one shareholders are also required.

What you get

After registering the BC Standard Company, you will receive the following as pdf documents by email:

Articles Sample Docs
Certificate of Registration
Sample Document
Notice of Articles
Sample Document
Incorporation Agreement
Sample Document
Incorporation Application
Sample Document
Business Number
Sample Document
Minute Book (if included)
Sample Document
Share Certificate (if included)
Sample Document
Corporation seal (if included)
Sample Document
Transparency Register (if included)
Sample Document
CRA Program Accounts (Business Number, Corporate Tax ID, GST, Payroll, Export-Import)
Sample Document
PST Program Account
Sample Document
The Workers’ Compensation Board of BC (WorkSafeBC) registration (if included)
Sample Document
Annual Returns reminder (if included)
Sample Document


Processing time: Same day


Is Community Contribution Company a non-profit corporation?

No. Community Contribution Company is a for-profit business and hence not exempted from taxes like non-profit organizations.

Can I convert a BC corporation or a BC Society to Community Contribution Company?

Yes, by filing Notice of Alteration it is possible to convert to a C3

How is a CC3 different from Benefit company?
  • CCCs structure is a combination of for-profit and non-profit whereas a Benefit Company is entirely for-profit.
  • CCCs must adopt a community purpose and use the majority of their assets for that purpose whereas the manner in which a benefit company operates is regulated.
  • CCCs have restrictions on the amounts of dividends to their shareholders and on the transfer or distribution of their assets. Such regulations doesn’t apply for Benefit Companies.